Saturday, May 12, 2007

Banquet - Bloc Party

I feel kinda crap and cannot sleep so I am writing a blog entry. Is that the right thing to say?


In primary school children learn to think the same; in high school young adults learn to think and act the same; at university adults they put all of what they have learned into practice. When they graduate university they all live they same lives.

I would like to see a world were paintings in a gallery can be hung crooked (Instead of parallel and perpendicular). I would like to see people act and think for themselves. I would like to see the grass being green every were you look. I would like to see people being praised for standing out in a crowd( the square peg in the round hole). I would like to see being different a badge of honour you wear with pride. I imagine this world I would like to see is what hell looks like. I imagine this world I would like to see is full of choices( not just one option from which to choose).

Well I am done.

Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado feat. Timberland

Thought I would try something new. I will post my shopping list.

Here goes.

-premix salad
-box to post 360
-dried yeast

I thought this would satisfy the voyeur in everyone of use. People are fascinating and where are they more fascinating than when shopping. Whether it is buying clothes, books, computer games or in this case groceries.