Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sea Legs - The Shins

The Shins new album is way cool. Wincing the Night Away is one of those albums you just have to listen too. And it is not to hard to do. You do not need to invest to much of anything to "get it". It is fun, deep, diverse, lose, just plain rocks.

Operation Credit Card Freedom.

Today was the day that OCCF was puled off. A little background info to begin. I need a credit card to buy things for my holiday. Today I got a credit card. well not so much got as got the details. See it is my dads. I covertly copied the number using many skills I learnt from TV. Like Stealing, Graffiti, Murder, Public Nuisance, Swearing. And some I learnt from movies. Skateboarding, Sweet Jumps on my Mountain-bike, Selling Drugs, Hugging people for far to Long, Pirating. So anyway I got what I wanted. Much fun to be had.

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