Thursday, February 1, 2007

Elevators - Outkast

I like OXS because it is friendly.

I love my new phone.

I hate the "Friend Zone". I always fall into the friend zone. I need to be more aggressive in my pursuit of relationship. Speak me mind. Tell them what I want. I wish I had more fans than the average man. This year I will change.

I think I will get the 70L Eagle Creek Maiden Voyage. It is designed to fit women. Ask my brother and he would tell you I am a women. Therefore, I can use this backpack. Plus who would know. Only train-spotting wankers that is who. It $299.95. I think it will be worth it. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Eagle Creek is a strong brand. And I like the colours it comes in. Just don't tell my dad. He would say in his passive aggressive way "Why did you do that".

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